Nanite Runner


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Nanite Runner Game

Nanite Runner


Nanite Runner - un Rex, run.This time Generator Rex is in a hurry to help other agents of Providence.You must help Generator Rex to pass all obstacles and EVOs on his way so he can come on time.There is two game modes: Regular Game Mode - starts with three lives, and Kamikaze Game Mode - starts with one life, so evaluate yourself and choose wisely.Collect items on your way: Nanite item to refresh your nanite level, Life Up to increase the number of Generator Rex lifes, and Airstrike item to get help from your people.In this game you can learn how to avoid EVOs if they get bored and you are in such a hurry so you can not occupy with them.Good Luck Generator Rex.


Use Up arrow key to jump - hold that key for longer jump. Use Right arrow key for long ranged attack - hold for continous attack. Use Left arrow key for back attack. Press Space Bar for Area Bomb - needs airstrike item. ESC key is for game pause and M-key for sound on/off.
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