Containers of Soul


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Containers of Soul Game

Containers of Soul


Containers of Soul - By killing the monsters and zombies you can get souls.Ghost style game, demons dancing wild, vampires, monsters, ghosts, the unlimited killing brings you incomparable experience.Come on.


WASD to move, J to attack, K to jump, Space to defend, L to activate skills. Skills: Space++A/D+J = spurt; W+J = jump upward; S+J = swirl blade; S+L = flash upward / go down; A/D+L = dodge. Killing: W+Space+J = cold ice sword; W+Space+L = death boundary; S+Space+J = demons dancing wild; S+Space+L = cold ice freezing. Note: Skills will consume red, killing will consume blue. You can supplement blue by killing zombies and collecting souls.
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